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PET – PVC Division

Air conveyors for empty PET bottles

Brief Description: The type and configuration of transport conveyor line, within different heights, and length, as
well as the type of blowers and guides adjustments for neck or body, special feature devices such as diverter or
multiple lanes switch, will be design accordingly to capacity, bottles range and level of automation required from
manual to a full automatic configuration. It will be provided Mech. Installation, electrical installation, including
dedicated software logic within different recipe and speeds, everything will be made to suit your product job mix
portfolio and factory internal specifications.
• Stainless steel mono-chamber structure
• Blowing units complete of filter
• Bottle neck guide in low-friction material
• Bottle body lateral guides in low-friction material
• Control of blowing pressures by inverters
• Handling by trains of bottles
• Modular high technology
• Versatility to convey difficult PET or HDPE shaped bottles and bottles with different neck diameters
• Easy integration and retrofit into existing air conveying lines
• Maximum lay-out flexibility
• Long-term reliability
• Multi-rows dividing gate “1-to-2” and “1-to-3”
• Multi-rows combining gate “2-to-1” and “3-to-1”
• Multi-rows balancing gate “2-on-2”
• Automatic or manual bottle neck guide change over operation
• Automatic or manual bottle body lateral guides change over operation
• Filtration class from standard G4 type to absolute H13 type
• Version from standard type to Ultra Clean type
• Specific devices to handle difficult shaped bottles